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Acet Yergaliev: «Despite the remote operation mode, all production programs are 100%».

From March 16 to May 11 in Kazakhstan due to a coronavirus pandemic, the regime of emergency was in effect. Currently, the country continues to live under tight quarantine. General Director of the company and Deputy Chairman of the Group of Companies «PTC Holding» Asset Ergaliev told about how the work in «RTI ANZD» LLP has changed.

– Aset Tolegenovich, how did the work at RTI ANZD be reorganized? After all, at production facilities it is quite difficult to transfer processes and people to a remote format.

– Almost all employees who worked in the office – accounting, personnel, managers, according to sanitary and epidemiological requirements throughout Kazakhstan, were sent to remote mode of work. A complete disinfection of all administrative premises was carried out. To this day, the enterprise strictly observes the masking regime. At the moment, we are reconstructing the structure of the propulsion unit, our main staff – drivers, compilers, transceivers. These are the people who work inside the station and in the shunting areas. Increased attention to the pre-medical examination, the paramedic checks the presence/absence of temperature, only then allows, or does not allow to work.

– Is there a problem?

– Of course. People began to «fall out», not all pass medical examination and get admission to work. There was a moment when the whole shift was in quarantine. Due to the current situation we had to close the dining room. When we were faced with a shortage of people in shifts, we came to the conclusion that you need to call from the outside. I had to take the fifth shift.

Is the fifth shift a temporary solution?

– All right, this will be temporary employees. We conclude contracts with them for a year. In August we attract them by 30%, and since September already full-time. The company will provide them with all necessary for work – overalls, protective equipment, they will also be examined daily. If the situation doesn’t change a year from now, we’ll keep them in the factory.

– The year 2020 was a challenging one for many companies. With what performance did you complete the first half of the year?

– Despite the remote operation mode and difficulties, we have 100% fulfilled all planned production programs.

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