Transport and Logistics
Investment Group of companies of the
Republic of Kazakhstan

Corporate identity design


PTC Holding LLP logo is the official identification mark of the company.

The main version of the company logo is in Cyrillic characters. When placing the logo on any type of informational, advertising or other media, it is necessary to make sure there is some free space around the logo so that irrelevant elements do not overlap it.

PTC Holding identity colours:

Orange №1 – primary colour

Colour №2 and colour №3 are used in all related products, media and layouts as complementary colours.

These are the defining colours of the corporate identity and are used in the selection of all types of materials (paper, plate, cardboard, fabrics, etc.).

Company fonts

The company font style of PTC Holding LLP identification system is the Gotham Kz.

Bold and medium styles are used in headings and in the emphasized parts of the main text.

Circe font style can be used as a complementary one for all proprietary layout media. It is used in the main Russian-medium and English-medium documents and presentation materials of the company, and it should be used in all designer and printed materials.

«PTC Holding» LLP - is a transport and logistics investment group of companies, an international provider of integrated logistics services in the oil and gas and container sectors, the largest owner and operator of railway rolling stock and infrastructure in Central Asia. Provides a full range of transport and logistics services.

We create real value for our customers and partners through innovative solutions, sustainable results, and long-term growth..
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