Railway Rolling Stock Operator
of the Republic of Kazakhstan

About the prospects of the market

The General Director of RTS-Trans LLC Nikolai Shevelev (a subsidiary of PTC Holding LLP) will tell about the difficulties of launching a transport and logistics company in Russia and market prospects in his interview in the next issue of the magazine “The Eurasia.”
One of the four freedoms of the Eurasian Economic Union is freedom of movement of goods. Open borders for the exchange of goods help the economic growth of all countries of the integration association, business develops international ties and receives new incentives for its growth.
But all this development is impossible without transport companies: they organize stable and continuous communication of cargo between cities and countries.

https://www.eurasian.press/publishes   (112-117 pages)

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PTC in numbers

8.8 million tons traffic volume for 8 months of the year 2020
15544 units mobile
3 place tank car fleet
in Central Asia
16 countries of delivery geography
99 employees