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PTC Holding strengthens partnership in Azerbaijan for development of transport routes

Representatives of PTC Holding LLP explored the potential of cooperation in the field of logistics and development of transport corridors between Europe and Asia during the working visit of the Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan. During the trip, the company’s management visited several key facilities in Baku, including the Baku International Trade Port, the Bash-Alat station, the Govsan Port, the Baku Shipyard, the Absheron Logistics Center and the Baku Passenger Station.

“The purpose of the trip was to see the trans-Caspian transport route itself, to see what bottlenecks there are in the infrastructure and what reserves there are. We visited a number of sites in Azerbaijan that are located along the Trans-Caspian route (hereinafter TMTM). It was important for us to see what difficulties there are in overcoming this path. To date, a fairly large volume of Kazakhstani cargo looks at the Black Sea when accepting applications from shippers. We must clearly understand what delivery terms to promise. And the delivery time depends on the infrastructure capacity of both Azerbaijan and Georgia,” said Timur Karabayev, Chairman of the Board of PTC Holding.

According to Karabayev, from the moment when difficulties arose along the Northern Corridor, all Kazakhstani structures began to look towards the Middle Corridor. As noted by Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, Kazakhstan should develop the Middle Corridor. The middle corridor is Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

For the PTC Holding Group of Companies, such working visits are an important tool for strengthening partnerships with Azerbaijani logistics companies. This step will expand the prospects for the development of international transport routes that connect Europe and Asia.

“Today, the ports of Baku play a key role in the organization of transportation through the Caspian Sea, providing communication between the ports of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. The readiness of the PTC Holding Group of Companies to attract additional volumes of cargo from China and Europe via the Trans-Caspian and Transcaucasian transport routes is an important step in the development of international transportation and strengthening economic ties between the regions,” notes Olzhas Arykbayev, Managing Director for Development at PTC Holding.

During the visit, options for investment cooperation between PTC Holding and Azerbaijani companies were also actively discussed. This aspect of cooperation is planned to lead to concrete results that contribute to the expansion and strengthening of infrastructure opportunities in the region.

“At the end of the trip, we realized that the potential of TMTM is great. We already understand that there is a reserve for capacity. If earlier we thought that most of the TMTM is transit, now it has become clear that Kazakhstani producers of products and raw materials can safely consider TMTM for export through the Black Sea to the world market,” Timur Karabayev notes.

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