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FERGANA: Kazakhstan will build a transport and logistics terminal near Tashkent

During the official launch ceremony of the construction of the center, a corresponding cooperation agreement was signed between the Khokimiyat of the Tashkent region and PTCHolding, and on the eve of a memorandum was signed between Kazakhstan’s PTC Holding and Halyk Bank and Uzbekistan’s Vuono Capital. The signing of these documents is a landmark for Kazakhstani transport workers, as it means the direct participation of Kazakhstani business in transnational transport and logistics projects by investing its own capital and applying accumulated competencies to retain existing flows and attract new volumes. We are talking about cargo planned for transportation, including through the projected China (Kashgar) railway – Kyrgyzstan (Torugart – Makmal– Jalal-Abad) – Uzbekistan (Andijan), as well as building optimal cargo flows to Central Asian countries by sending trains from the container terminal at Dostyk station through integration into international transport routes.

“In Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the tasks of developing transport corridors and improving logistics are priorities for maintaining and increasing the volume of freight traffic, which, in turn, will have a multiplier effect on the economy of the region and will give an additional impetus to business partnership between the business communities of our countries,” said Daniyar Abulgazin, a representative of PTC Holding.

The aim of the project, as follows from the signed memorandum, is to create a support logistics center for the transportation of goods from China, Southeast Asian countries, South Korea, CIS countries, Georgia and the Baltic States, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Iran and the Persian Gulf countries to the Republic of Uzbekistan and vice versa, as well as to increase transit cargo traffic through Kazakhstan through operational consolidation and the possibility of forming container trains through border crossings at Dostyk and Altynkol stations.

At the first stage of the project, the transport and logistics center will include a container terminal with innovative elevators and specialized equipment, as well as class A and B warehouses with a unique cross-docking system, in the construction of which it is planned to invest 70 million US dollars during 2023-2026 with the creation of more than 200 jobs. The next stages of the project implementation during 2026-2034 are estimated at up to 230 million US dollars. The project operator will be a subsidiary of PTC Holding, PTC-CA, established in December 2021.

The center itself will be located on the territory of the Yangiyul district of the Tashkent region, 10 kilometers from the capital of Uzbekistan. It is assumed that the total area of warehouses will be 248,000 square meters, the total capacity of railway tracks – 1,240 wagons and 11,100 containers.

“The implementation of this joint project with our Uzbek partners will create a support transport and logistics center in Central Asia using the best international practices for the acceptance and dispatch of various cargoes, including storage and warehousing of containerized cargo and agricultural products, operational consolidation and formation of container trains, and will also contribute to the implementation of the instructions of the Presidents of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to increase the volume of trade to 10 billion US dollars between our countries,” Daniyar Abulgazin said.

At the terminal, it is planned to process such types of cargo as industrial raw materials and materials, textiles, food products, including melons, consumer goods, equipment and vehicles for civil purposes, containerized cargo, agricultural fertilizers, etc. The container platform of the TLC will allow loading and unloading of various types of goods into containers, covered wagons and gondolas.

It should be noted that the last five years in Kazakhstan, as well as around the world, there has been a multiple increase in container traffic. The same applies to Uzbekistan. Thus, in the period from 2016 to 2022, the volume of container traffic in the Republic of Uzbekistan increased 2.2 times, from 96 to 220 thousand containers per year. However, both in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, further business development rests on a lack of infrastructure.

Taking this into account, the PTC Holding Group has invested more than 200 billion tenge in the innovation of freight cars and the construction of modern railway infrastructure in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and today the Group holds a 15% share in the total volume of transit container traffic in Kazakhstan thanks to high-quality service and its own infrastructure in the form of a multimodal container terminal on the border of Kazakhstan and China at Dostyk station, as well as partnerships with leading global companies.

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